Dcuk Duckling Airman


Dcuk Duckling – Airman

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Highly polished boots and buttons and buckles that gleam in the sunshine.
This Airman Duckling has just joined the forces and is keen to make a good impression.
The only recruit who’s up before the Wing Commander, this Airman’s tipped to be a real high-flyer.

These original ducklings are just over 18cm tall, and arrive at their new home with a randomly selected name tag. And, because every DCUK character is carved individually from earth-kind bamboo root, then carefully painted by hand – you can be sure that each one is unique.

Each duckling – has been hand carved and hand painted so may differ slightly from the image above. The ducks pose may differ slightly to the picture e.g. head turned to side, head looking forward, open beak
Does not come gift boxed


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