Searching for some interesting ideas so you can propose the lady love of your life, consider these 5 exclusively surprising gift ideas to propose with this Christmas. Whatever be the season is, holiday times always bring sentimental family memories and emotions of closeness for many of us. Why not just combine the excitement of un-wrapping gifts with the magical romantic proposal and perfect moments to pop the question? Christmas is one the most celebrated holiday which is also considered as incredibly romantic time to propose for a marriage because of the spiritual and family values behind Christmas. Make your beloved one know that you would love to spend the rest of your life together with a sweet and dreamy Christmas proposal.

Either the first snow fall, decorated trees, and digging into your stocking, each and every day of winter is filled with full excitement and magic, even if you’ve entered your adulthood! As you and your loved one feel the warmth and ecstasy of the season, grab some mistletoe and disclose a romantic marriage proposal in front of her.

  • Customized Christmas Tree Decoration

Customized Christmas Tree Decoration

Decorating a Christmas tree along with your friends and family is such a fun part of the festive season. Why not make it even more extraordinary by handing your other half a “Will You Marry Me?” personalised Christmas decoration with a customized proposal ring attached to it.

  • A candle with “Will You Marry Me?” written on it

A candle with 'Will You Marry Me?'

There’s nothing warmer and romantic than having a cozy Christmas Evening at home with your love of your life. Once you’ve had a nice and dreamy dinner and opened a bottle of wine, turn the lights off and recommend lighting some candles. Pop a beautiful candle down on the table and allow your partner to have a closer look at it. They’ll be getting so emotional and will treasure that pretty ornament forever in their life.

  • How about serving a hot drink?

Steamy hot drink

Steamy hot drinks are a major part of festive nesting. Mulled wine, or hot chocolates, we love them to the core. Though it might sound quite mysterious but the idea behind serving a hot drink in by the time your partner sip in the last drop, a message will show up in the bottom of the drink ware.

  • Secret Santa

Secret Santa

Thinking to get engaged in Christmas, the Secret Santa option is an unfailing method to present your proposal. In the beginning it might sound as cheesy, but it is a great way to get your partner’s family mixed up in your proposal plan too.

All you need to do is bring a gorgeous diamond cut ring and make the arrangements properly. Then, you’ll need to assemble for your partner’s Secret Santa. Afterwards, you can celebrate with the entire family, enjoying the holiday festivities, exciting games, and scrumptious food.

  • Make Christmas Dinner Extra Special

Beautiful Wine Glass

If having a special dinner on Christmas is your desired meal of the year (and let’s confess, it probably is) then lets make the occasion even more exciting and special by proposing in front of the entire family! You could even personalize your other half’s sitting area with a “Will You Marry Me?” card.

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