There are several pivotal events every year like birthdays and anniversaries where you would love to shower your loved one with plenty of special gifts. When you gift your mother, wife, girlfriend or sister with the most ideal gift, you would be totally gratified for pleasing them in such a special way.

There are some cliché gifts like flowers and chocolates, if you want something unique, try picking something out from this list of 15 ideal gifts for her.

  1. Photo Album

There are some lovely designs of photo albums like floral ones, antique-looking ones, and many others. Make it personalized by putting the best picture of your girl with a cute note to go with it.

Photo Album

  1. Bath Essentials

You may have seen that girls love spending on floral scented bath essentials and fragrances. Pick up a gift box which has several bath scented bath essentials like a bath bomb, essential oil, soap, etc and spread a smile across her face.

Essential Oil

  1. Crystal Showpiece

A showpiece with colored crystals makes for a beautiful gift for any special person. There are several delicate showpieces with lovely messages on them which you can choose from for her.Crystal Showpiece

  1. Shoulder Bag

All girls use shoulder bags and carry them around everywhere with them as they have all their essential things in them. This is why a shoulder bag makes for a very useful gift for her on a special occasion.

Shoulder Bag

  1. Lip Balms

Lip balms are carried by every girl out there. There are different flavored lip balms like strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, etc. your girl will definitely have a favorite flavor, find out what it is and gift her that to make her feel special.

Shop Lip Balm

  1. Headband

Headbands look cool and trendy and all the girls seem to be wearing one these days. Buy a unique headband which has multiple colors, characters or flowers on them and your girl will love you for gifting something so beautiful.

Buy Headband

  1. Makeup Bag

If your girl is a makeup lover, then she definitely might be having a lot of makeup products. Carrying around these products becomes a hassle and a makeup bag cater to this. Gift her a makeup bag with attractive designs and artwork on it to woo her.

Makeup Bag

  1. Gadget Stickers

All girls have grown up admiring some Disney princess or the other. Pick up some girly Disney stickers for your girl which she can show off on the gadgets which she uses every day.

Gadget Stickers


  1. Scarf

Colorful scarves with attractive prints can go very well with any kind of dress. It significantly enhances the appeal of the entire outfit. Gift your girl a scarf and see her gleaming with joy. The next time she wears it, she’ll think about you and smile.

Colorful Scarf

  1. Coffee Mug

There are such appealing coffee mugs available almost everywhere. You can pick a mug which has short quotes printed on it. You can even get a coffee mug of your girl’s sun sign as well. If you want to make it extra special, get her photos printed on a plain mug with a sweet message and she is sure to love it.

Gift Coffee Mug

  1. Pen

A personalized pen would make for a perfect gift for a working woman. She would need a pen for several tasks throughout the day when she is working and gifting her a pen with her name on it will make your gift not only thoughtful but useful as well.

Harry Potter Pen

  1. Light Up Bottle/Jar

A light-up bottle or jar comes with a set of LED lights stuffed in it. When lit up, it makes the entire surroundings cozy and calm with the dim light. Gift her a light up bottle or jar with LED lights so that she can put it in her home to increase the appeal of the surroundings.

Light up Bottle

  1. Wallet

Does your girl love being organized? Then you should definitely gift her a stunning wallet which would make her very happy! Choose a wallet which is in the favorite color of hers and she would not stop praising you for getting her such a thoughtful gift.

  1. Keepsake Box

Keepsake boxes are a great present for any girl in your life. Girls do have a lot of jewelry and such a box would be the perfect way in which they can store their jewelry safely.

Keepsake Box

  1. Decorated Wine Glass

Several women enjoy a glass of wine once in a while. Drinking wine from a plain and boring glass is very ordinary. Gift her a wine glass which has been decorated with colorful artwork which will make her blush every time she pours herself a drink.

Finding a perfect present for your special someone is a major challenge but if done right it has many potential payoffs. Gift her any of these unique gifts and make her even more special.

Decorated Wine Glass

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