Nemesis Now Protector Limited Edition

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Nemesis Now Protector Limited Edition

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Striking Protector Wolf Figurine by Anne Stokes
From the untamed imagination of world-famous Fantasy and Gothic artist Anne Stokes, this fantastic figurine was created by alternative brand Nemesis Now.
On a rocky outcrop, a young woman kneels, green dress flowing behind her and exposing her black fur-lined boots. Her forearms are covered by black leather bracers, and a brown wolf’s-paw tattoo adorns her shoulder. Pale purple hair falls down around her shoulders as she looks cautiously to her left, ready to attack or flee at a moment’s notice.
To her right, a large grey wolf stands, staring in the same direction with piercing blue eyes as if assessing a threat. .
Cast in the finest resin before being carefully hand-painted, this piece is part of a limited edition run, with only 3000 ever produced.
Each is individually numbered and comes in a collector’s gift box with a certificate of authenticity to ensure that yours is truly unique.
Exquisitely detailed and beautifully hand-painted.
Size 25cm approx.
Supplied in a branded gift box


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