Desire Aroma Pearl Mosaic Fragrance Oil Lamp Diffuser Purifier


Desire Aroma Pearl Mosaic Fragrance Oil Lamp Diffuser Purifier

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Stunning mosaic fragrance oil lamp diffuser
Included instructions for usage
Comes in a gift box
Please read the instructions carefully before using this product
Dimensions 18cm approx

Using Your Lamp

Stand your lamp on a level. Remove the snuffer-cap and the stone/wick assembly. Fill your lamp up to 2/3 full with your desired Lamp Fragrance.
Insert the stone/wick assembly into the lamp. Always keep the lamp upright when filled to prevent spillage of Lamp Fragrance.
Cover the stone with the snuffer cap (If the stone is not covered the Lamp Fragrance will evaporate) and allow the wick to soak for 20-30 minutes. Place your lamp on a heat resistant surface before lighting.
Remove the snuffer-cap and light the stone. NEVER leave the burning lamp unattended. Ensure you locate the lamp away from any combustible materials.
Blow out the flame after about 4 minutes. NEVER cover the open flame with the snuffer-cap or decorative lid or you may damage your lamp.
CAUTION: The stone will be hot. It will remain hot (without flame) as it continues to draw fragrance through the wick.
Use the supplied decorative-lid to cover the stone. The lamp is now working to clean the air and fragrance your home.
Allow the lamp to fragrance your home for up to a maximum of 40 minutes before extinguishing.
After 40 minutes, stop the fragrancing by removing the decorative lid. Be careful as the lid may still be hot, and cover the stone with the snuffer cap. This will stop the process and prevent the lamp fragrance form evaporating when the lamp is not in use.


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