Dcuk  Garden Bird with a Straw Hat


Dcuk  Garden Bird with a straw Hat

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Dcuk  Garden Bird with a cream straw Hat

Inspired by those uninvited guests we’re always pleased to see. Hand-carved Garden Birds are characterful home accessories that make thoughtful gifts, lifting the spirit and awakening the imagination.

Hand-carved from bamboo root, a material that would otherwise go to waste, DCUK’s Garden Birds live in harmony with their environment.

Sporting richly painted peaked-caps and sunhats, this chirpy family enjoy nothing more than tending their plots with a spot of weeding and pruning.

Flexible copper feet mean these restless souls can perch where they choose, and even tap a toe to the radio.

Here featured is a cute garden bird with a cream straw hat.

Stands approximately 12-15 cm high.

Come in randomly selected poses and may vary from photos shown.

Supplied in a birdhouse gift box



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