Dcuk Disco Ducky – Sparkly Glitter Gold Boots


Dcuk Disco Ducky – Sparkly Glitter Gold Boots

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Waddling 9–5 is enough to drive any Ducky crazy! Luckily the glitter gang know how to shake off the farmyard blues. Playing their funkadelic beats loud and proud, our Disco Ducks shimmy their groovy way through the week, stomping their sparkly welly boots and shaking those tail feathers.
Featured here is the gold design
Lovingly crafted, selection of Ducks from DCUK will make a great gift for anyone who loves DCUK ornaments.
Each of the ducks has been loving hand carved and painted, making each one a unique gift
Each duck – has been hand carved and hand painted so may differ slightly from the image above.

The ducks pose may differ slightly to the picture e.g. head turned to side, head looking forward, open beak
Does not come gift boxed
Stands approximately 12cm high.
All ducks come with a randomly chosen name tag
Please note, all text on tags is in lowercase only.
Does not come gift boxed


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